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Ray-Ban Stories Bluetooth Sunglasses Are the Perfect Summer Travel Companion

Summer’s here — finally! — and we bet that you’re itching to make plans for vacation, weekend getaways, and maybe even the occasional day trip to that quaint beach town. Needless to say, we all deserve to enjoy our summer, and there are plenty of memories to be made. Of course, in 2022, we don’t just make memories, we also share them, which is why you’ll want a companion to help capture, curate, and share content from all of your summer excursions.

To become your own travel photographer, documentarian and videographer, you’ll want to check out Ray-Ban Stories, the stylish new smart glasses. These sunglasses are part of a collaboration between Ray-Ban and Meta, and we recently named them the best Bluetooth sunglasses of the year after an in-depth review.

And we can testify that Ray-Ban Stories are the perfect travel companion. If you’re on the fence about investing in smart glasses, then we’ve got a few excellent reasons to invest in these shades as your newest travel companion.


Stay Stylish For the Summer

Nothing is more summer than wearing a pair of sunglasses on bright sunny days. Why settle for ordinary shades when you can look stylish and have incredible features at your disposal to capture your summer memories? Not only are Ray-Ban stories packed with the latest social and smart tech, but unlike the first-generation of clunky smart glasses, they also come in genuinely fashionable frames. Sure, the iconic look of the Wayfarer is timeless, but the Ray-Ban Stories are also available in Round and Meteor styles — with various lenses to choose from.

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Courtesy of Ray-Ban.

Even some modern Bluetooth sunglasses still tend to appear bulky with ugly, thick frames, and we’re still marveling over how the Meta designers managed to cram all the tech components into the Ray-Ban Stories, like the cameras and speakers, without bulking up the design. In fact, it’s hard to tell the difference between a regular pair of Wayfarer sunglasses and the Ray-Ban Stories.

While capturing photos and video with the Ray-Ban Stories is paramount to preserving those summer memories, it certainly helps that you can still look good while doing it.


Stay Connected On the Go

We’re fans of gadgets that offer incredible utility. For starters, the Ray-Ban Stories provide our eyes with some much-needed shade from the sun, as well as seeing through the glare while driving with the help of polarized lenses. However, it’s the connected features that astound us the most.

Say, for example, that you’re driving to the beach for the weekend and you get a call from mom. Since these glasses are paired to your phone, you can use the Ray-Ban Stories much like any other Bluetooth headset for phone calls. With just a tap of the frame, we can accept phone calls and have clear hands-free conversations — all without being distracted from driving because of its open-audio design. You’ll still be able to hear your surroundings.

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Courtesy of Ray-Ban.

We also know how true wireless earbuds come in handy for watching some of your favorite TV shows while soaking up the sun at the beach, but they’re prone to being misplaced or lost. Instead, you can keep them at home and simply rely on the Ray-Ban Stories for those occasions.

Having fewer distractions certainly helps when you’re on vacation. The last thing you need happening is your phone being blown up by notifications, which can be bothersome when you’re frequently taking out your phone and fiddling around with it. You should try to focus on relaxing with the family. With Ray-Ban Stories, you won’t be overwhelmed by notifications, which makes it easy to focus on the important things in life, like taking the perfect beach selfie.


Sharing Memories, Made Simple

Without question, the coolest feature about the Ray-Ban Stories is the ability to easily capture and share memories from your summer travels. There’s a physical button on the right arm that’s used to initiate a video recording or take a simple photo. It’s there for the convenience of capturing content, but we often found ourselves too preoccupied to actually press the button.

That’s where voice commands come in handy. When you’re doing some kind of physical activity, such as going on a roller coaster or biking along a trail, you might find it impossible to physically press that button. We really love the hands-free option of recording video by simply saying, “Hey Facebook, start recording.” Check out the photo we captured below while traveling over the Manhattan Bridge in New York City, which we were able to do using voice commands.

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Capturing a photo hands-free using voice commands with the Ray-Ban Stories. John Velasco | SPY

Capturing content with the Ray-Ban Stories is one part of the equation, but the other relates to sharing them. Sure, you could just upload the photos and videos directly to your social media accounts, but the Facebook View app makes it a breeze to transfer, edit, and share your memories. The montage feature allows users to choose a combination of up to 10 photos and videos, which the app would then stitch together into a bite-sized, shareable 30-second highlight video complete with text and transition effects.

Frankly, with so many features packed into them, the Ray-Ban Stories are the perfect travel companion to keep you focused on all of life’s happenings. Visualizing these memories later on, whether it’s the following week or many years later, you’ll come to appreciate all of the conveniences it has to offer. Pictures fade away, but memories last forever.

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Courtesy of Ray-Ban.


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