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Razer Anzu Smart Glasses Hit All-Time Low of $50 Thanks To Prime Day — SPY Tested + Approved

When smart glasses and Bluetooth sunglasses first hit the market, we weren’t quite sure what to think. Early smart glasses like Google Glass failed miserably, but the newest generation of Bluetooth sunglasses are actually pretty impressive. However, we understand if you’re still skeptical. In order to convince the SPY team, our tech editor had to personally test the best Bluetooth sunglasses, and after trying them out for ourselves, we were officially convinced that these gadgets are the coolest wearables out there in 2022.

Previously, we’ve seen the Razer Anzu Bluetooth smart glasses discounted by as much as 70%, but for Prime Day, Amazon has made its price to an all-time low of $50. For a limited time, you can buy them for just $50 — a whopping 75% discount from their original retail price. Plus, Prime members can score free shipping and returns.

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Similar Bluetooth sunglasses from Ray-Ban, Anker and Bose cost $200 or more, which means most smart glasses cost almost as much as actual prescription lenses — until now, that is.

As we mentioned already, SPY recently tested the top Bluetooth sunglasses, including the Razer Anzu Smart Glasses. In our full review, we noted that Razer still has some kinks to work out but that these smart glasses have impressive battery life and really cool features. And after the 70% price drop that brings the price down to just $60, these smart glasses are suddenly a lot more attractive.

So if you’ve been curious about Bluetooth sunglasses but didn’t want to drop $200, this sale is your chance to try out this futuristic technology for yourself.


What We Love About the Razer Anzu Smart Glasses

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about this deal:

  • Originally $199.99, but now $49.99
  • 75% off the usual price
  • Instant savings of $150
  • Free shipping for Prime Members
  • Two types of lenses included
  • Built-in speakers and microphone

The Razer Anzu Smart Glasses offer a stylish look, but one of the best features is the built-in microphone and low latency speakers. With a 60ms response time via Bluetooth, the Razer Anzu Smart Glasses let you answer calls with just a tap. They have up to five hours of battery life on a single charge, and automatically turn themselves off when folded up.

In addition to using these for calls, you can also connect them to your PC and hop into Discord. Game with your friends while taking advantage of their other selling point: blue light filtering. Blue light can interrupt your Circadian Rhythm and interfere with your quality of sleep, especially if you’re playing late at night — and let’s face it, most of us do.

These lenses can filter out blue light and reduce screen glare to give you the best competitive advantage. You can swap the blue light lenses out for polarized sunglasses for use on the go.

The glasses even come in two styles: rectangular and round. Like we said: stylish, no matter what your style is.

The last feature is that they’re voice-assistant compatible. You can change music tracks and make calls all from the glasses’ interface — no need to reach for your phone.

If you’re looking for a set of smart glasses that do a lot more than just look great, jump on this price cut before they go back to normal.

Want to know more? Check out our full review of the Razer Anzu Smart Glasses here, and check out our full guide to Prime Day 2022. Finally, we have an entire piece dedicated to the Best Prime Day deals on Razer Products.

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