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This Amazing Razer Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Is 50% Off Today

This incredibly Razer Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is down to $49.99 from $99.99, which is a 50% reduction. It’s a good keyboard at full price, so with half-off, it’s a very hard thing to pass up, especially for those who’ve been hoping to upgrade their PC gaming to the next level. After all, a mechanical keyboard is a huge boon thanks to how much faster they are, not to mention the intensely satisfying click-clack the keys make.

This particular keyboard comes with individually backlit keys that can be programmed with a multitude of colors, and easily synced up with any other Razor peripherals thanks to Razor Chrome. It just means that it’s easy to capture a singular vibe with them, which is great for content creators or streamers. It can also record macros as well, making some more complex inputs in games far easier, all with the touch of a singular button.

On top of that, the switches are hybrid mechanical, which means the user gets an incredible response time from each press, and that each key has immense durability. It also comes with built-in media keys and digital volume, so it’s easy to use this to stream shows or films. Plus, it comes with a wrist rest, which is incredibly important if long sessions of work or gaming are to avoid causing RSI or anything else unpleasant.

$49.99 $99.99 50% off

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This gaming keyboard has a lot of excellent features that can ensure a good gaming session, no matter how many times it is used. It has hybrid mechanical switches that create an intensely satisfying click and feel when pressed, and offer fast response times. Being from Razer means it supports Razer Chroma, and can sync its colors with any other Razer gadgets, and it even comes with a magnetic wrist rest to help support the joints and stave off unpleasantries like RSI, even if the user is gaming all-day and all-night.