Make A Splash With These Speedy RC Boats

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While an RC boat isn’t suited for passengers (except Stuart Little, of course), RC boats are still a great way to enjoy a day on the lake. An RC boat can provide endless fun for kids and adults. Even if you don’t have a big lake near you, you can still find ways to enjoy an RC boat. Ponds, rivers, and even swimming pools can be plenty of fun.

Because water is more unpredictable than land, there are some considerations that go into an RC boat that RC cars don’t have to worry about. Protecting the engine from water is an obvious one, as is ensuring that the remote has sufficient range. After all, if your RC car goes out of range you can run after it and get it. With a boat, it’s not quite so easy. That’s why choosing the right boat is important, but choosing the right body of water is key as well. You don’t want to take a delicate toy boat on a river, just as you wouldn’t put a high-speed racer in a backyard swimming pool.

If you’re just getting into RC boats, we’ve picked out some of our favorite affordable options that are primed for a day of fun on the water.


1. SZJJX RC Boat

This boat is designed with a weighted bottom to ensure that it rights itself if it capsizes. The range of the remote is 150 meters, giving sufficient leeway to roam around in small to medium-sized bodies of water. The boat is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery.

Pros: Weighted bottom flips the boat upright if it’s capsized. Boasts a 15 mph speed. The remote has a low battery notification to ensure boat doesn’t get stranded.

Cons: Not a very long battery life before it has to be recharged.

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2. SHARKOOL Remote Control Boats

This remote control boat has a double-hatched battery casing to keep water out, and it also features a low-battery warning that appears on the remote control. Four channels on the 2.4Ghz range help prevent interference from other boats. The boat has a water intake to keep the motor cool.

Pros: Flips itself in the event that the boat capsizes. The boat comes with a spare propeller.

Cons: Not suitable for salt water use.

sharkool rc boat Amazon


3. Oskide Remote Control Boat

This small remote controlled boat has a cute, simple red and white design. There’s also a design of an anchor printed on the front of the boat. Like the other options, the radio transmits on a 2.4 GHz frequency. It reaches a top speed of 15 mph.

Pros: A great value for the power and reaches a top speed of 15 mph.

Cons: Not as reliable self-righting as the others.

oskide remote control boat Amazon