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Drive Like You’re at a Monster Truck Rally With One of These RC Cars

Finding the right RC car for you can be difficult, considering that there are practically as many RC car types as there are actual automakers. Plus, there are people who build their own custom vehicles.

While many associate RC cars with toys that are made for kids, there are some RC cars that really aren’t toys. The fastest speed clocked on an RC car was a whopping 202 MPH. Suffice it to say, that’s not the kind of car you’d want your toddler messing around with in the house.

Whatever kind of car you’re looking for, whether you’re a hobbyist, a parent, or just someone looking to have some fun, we’ve rounded up our favorites. Take a look below.


If you’re looking for a more heavy-duty pick, consider this truck from LÆGENDARY. It has a solid 30 minutes of running time, and it can reach impressive speeds of up to 30 mph. The rugged frame, shocks and large foam-filled wheels make it well suited to riding on rougher terrain. One of the best features is that it comes with two batteries. You can use both at the same time, or use one while the other charges for extended use.

Pros: Comes with two rechargeable batteries. Impressive 30 mph speeds. Oil-filled metal shocks for durability.

Cons: Somewhat more expensive than other options.

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Whirlt’s RC car resembles an off-road buggy, and it’s designed to run like one, too. It’s designed to be able to drive on tough terrains like stone, mud and sand. The thick wheels and shock absorbers make it capable of withstanding tough driving conditions. It can reach impressive speeds of about 24 mph. The battery is rechargeable, and it comes with the wall charger.

Pros: Very fast. All-terrain vehicle that can handle sand and grass.

Cons: Getting the battery out to charge it can be difficult.

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3. JEYPOD Remote Control Car

This impressive and affordable remote control car is capable of handling multiple terrains. The pistol grip-style remote control has a range of up to 80 meters, and the car has a top speed of around 12 mph. One of the best features is that the car’s batteries can be recharged, and a charging adapter is included.

Pros: Rechargeable car batteries and AA remote batteries are included. Good speed for the price. Responsive controls.

Cons: Battery housing is tight, so it can be hard to get the batteries in.

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4. Amicool Remote Control Car

If you’re looking for a trick car, this affordable option is a good bet. It’s capable of doing flips and rotations thanks to its tri-axial differential. What that means is that each side of the car can move up or down, allowing the wheels to create a wider range of motion. It boasts a unique, bright-red look, and the car is operated using a video game-style controller. Top speed is around 7.5 mph.

Pros: Can do stunts and has thick tires for handling terrain.

Cons: Batteries not included.

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5. Liberty Imports R/C Race Car

If you’re looking for an option for younger children, this cute car has a cartoonish design and is suitable for children 18 months and up. It makes music, honks, and has a flashing headlight. The car comes with three driver figurines, which can be swapped out.

Pros: Sturdy enough to handle toddlers. Has music, sound effects, and lights.

Cons: Limited turning ability.

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6. Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Electric Truck

This truck from Redcat resembles a pickup truck, and it has large wheels and independent suspension for handling tough terrain. The truck has various adjustable features. You can turn the suspension and gear differentials, and you can adjust the ride height, camber, and toe angle. The car comes with a rechargeable battery and charging unit.

Pros: Finely adjustable details, including suspension, gears and height. Independent suspension and heavy-duty tires for durable riding on rough terrain.

Cons: It’s fast, but not as fast as some other options on this list.

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