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These RC Monster Trucks Might Be Mini, But They’re No Less Monstrous

If you’ve ever seen videos of a monster truck show, you’re probably aware that monster trucks and their drivers are pretty incredible. While most of us can only imagine what’d it be like to be able to jump one off a giant dirt mound, at least you can recreate some of the excitement with a remote control truck. As is the case with their full-sized counterparts, RC trucks are better suited to doing tricks and handling rough terrain than RC cars are.

The RC trucks on this list have up to 30 minutes of continuous use and run on rechargeable batteries. That means you’ll be able to keep trucking for long enough to nail that trick you’ve been meaning to try. Plus, they all have shock-absorbent suspensions, so they’ll be more than be able to handle whatever you put them through. If you’re looking to live out your monster truck dreams, even if it’s on a small scale, these are the best RC trucks to get.

1. LAEGENDARY Off Road Monster Truck

This powerful monster truck is powered by a 4-wheel drive, and it boasts an impressive top speed of 30mph. It has a low frame and a pickup truck design. The pistol-style remote control grip makes for easy maneuverability. This truck also has an impressive 30 minutes of maximum battery life.

Pros: 2 speed modes, including a slower mode for learning and indoor use and a faster mode for outdoor and all-terrain use. Impressive 30 mph top speed.

Cons: Rougher terrain can potentially cause dirt to get stuck in the gears.

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2. DOUBLE E 1:12 RC Cars Monster Truck

This truck from Double E is made to 1:12 scale, and it’s designed to be able to handle climbing rough terrain. The body of the car is extra high above the wheels, and suspension springs protect it from falls. The buggy is designed to look realistic, and it even has powerful, working headlights on the front.

Pros: Specifically designed for climbing abilities with up to 20-30 minutes of playing time. Features headlights.

Cons: Tires can become wobbly over time.

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3. DOUBLE E Remote Control Truck

This 1:18 scale truck has dual motors for handling all terrains, and it runs off a rechargeable battery. Springs on each wheel provide shock absorbency, and the hull of the car has a unique graffiti-inspired illustration. The vehicle has the frame of a buggy, rather than the pickup truck design of the other options, making it more unique. The open cabin even has a miniature driver sitting in it.

Pros: Four-wheel drive. The car is powered by rechargeable 800 mAh batteries and has a waterproof design.

Cons: Tires can be a bit wobbly right out of the gate.

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