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Burning Through Batteries? Pick Up Rechargeable Batteries Instead

More devices are moving toward built-in lithium-ion batteries, but there are plenty of electronics that still require good old-fashioned AA or AAA batteries. If you’re stocking up on batteries, it’s a good idea to consider the best rechargeable batteries, which can be plugged into a wall using a compatible dock and recharged repeatedly. You’ll save money in the long run, save yourself trips to the store and crucially, you’ll reduce e-waste (if you do have old batteries, don’t chuck them. Some stores offer no-cost battery recycling).

The best rechargeable batteries often come with the charger itself, making it easy to plug them into the wall and power them up once they run out of juice. If you already have a charger, you can also buy rechargeable batteries by themselves. It’s a good idea to stock up on a few rechargeable batteries so you’ll be sure to have enough batteries for power outages, emergencies and the like (just make sure they’re fully juiced before they go into the junk drawer).

We’ve picked out some of the best rechargeable batteries that you can buy online to keep your everyday electronics fully charged.


1. Duracell Ion Speed 1000 Battery Charger


Duracell is the most trusted brand for batteries, and they also make great rechargeable batteries. This option includes one wall charger, which supports either AA or AAA batteries. The kit also comes with four AA batteries. The auto-shutoff feature helps avoid energy waste and overcharging.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

2. Energizer Recharge AA Batteries with Charger


If you have never bought rechargeable batteries before, it’s important to make sure you buy a charging dock, too. This kit from Energizer comes with four AA batteries, plus the charger, which plugs directly into the wall. The wall charger can power AA or AAA batteries. The dock has overcharge protection and safety shut-off, so even if you forget you plugged it into a wall, you won’t damage your batteries.

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Image Courtesy of REI

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3. Amazon Basics 24-Pack AA Rechargeable Batteries


Unsurprisingly, Amazon Basics has an economical selection of rechargeable batteries. You can buy them individually, or with the charging dock. This particular option includes 24 AA batteries without the dock.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

4. Panasonic AAA eneloop Rechargeable Batteries


Energizer and Duracell aren’t the only names in the game. Panasonic’s eneloop batteries are a great option if you’re looking for rechargeable batteries. This option includes four AAA batteries, and they come with a charging dock.

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5. Duracell Rechargeable StayCharged AAA Batteries


While you’re stocking up on AA batteries, don’t forget to pick up some AAAs. They’re less widely used, but there are many small devices that rely on AAAs. They’re available in a pack of two, four, eight, or four with a charger included. The price shown is for the four-pack without the charger.

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Image Courtesy of Amazon

6. IKEA LADDA Rechargeable battery


IKEA is best known for furniture, but don’t forget to stock up on pantry essentials and electronics on your next trip — they have a solid selection. These batteries come in a pack of four AAs, and you can also separately buy IKEA’s wall charger.

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Image Courtesy of IKEA

7. Rayovac USB Battery Charger


If you already have the batteries, but you just need a dock, this option from Rayovac is a good option to get. It plugs directly into the wall and can recharge AA or AAA devices. And while most chargers can only power four batteries, this option can power up to eight. A USB port is included for greater convenience.

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