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Get This Amazing Redragon Gaming Mouse While It’s 43% Off

The best gaming mouse is the one that gives the user exactly what they need, and with 20 programmable buttons, the Redragon M908 definitely helps do that. Today it’s on sale too, with 43% off the $46.99 standard price tag, meaning it’s only $26.89 today, which is an excellent price for one of the best gaming mice out there, especially for those who just want a bit more from their tech.

This gaming mouse not only has a lot of extra buttons, which means players can bind grenades, special items, or just emotes to any one of them, but also has an immense DPI of 12,400, meaning it can be as fast as anyone could want, but also retains an impressive precision, making it great for FPS games too. It means it’s one of the best gaming mice for keeping up with the best gaming PCs, because everyone deserves a set-up that can keep up.

The mouse even has RGB LEDs, which aren’t for everyone, sure, but do help to create immaculate vibes for those who enjoy them, or content creators and streamers that have a color scheme they need to stick with. It’s an all-around mighty mouse, and with this sizeable discount, today’s a good day to go ahead and grab it.

$26.89 $46.99 43% off

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This mouse is 100% made for gamers who always feel like they could do with more buttons. It has a whopping 20 programmable buttons to mess around with, a max DPI of 12,400, and has incredibly high precision as well. It’s perfect for online MMOs, but it can still pull its weight in shooters, action games, and even something like Minecraft, because more buttons mean more convenience. Plus, the RGB LED lights help to keep the vibes immaculate.