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Track Every Fitness Stat With These Renpho Gadgets With Up To 60% Off

Fitness is a long old journey, and often turns into a lifelong companion instead of a three-week-long fad. The best way to keep on top of things is with stats, and one of the best ways to get stats is with these Renpho scales, measuring tapes, and blood pressure monitors, all of which are up to 60% off today.

There’s an array of excellent devices on sale here, and SPY has gone ahead and picked out four of the frontrunners in terms of both use, and the size of the sale itself. There’s something for everyone here, which is nice, and they’ll all go nicely with the best Android smartwatches for those keeping a close eye on their stats.

The solar-powered scale is especially interesting, and has some of the same features as the best smart scales too. Being able to look at fitness stats that sit behind basic things like weight is integral to any fitness progression, which is why grabbing the smart tape is also a good shout.

$23.99 $59.99 60% off

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While photos and weight can be used to track fitness progress, measurements are generally one of the best ways. This smart measuring tape works with an app to help track progress as it goes, and is incredibly easy to use.

$17.99 $29.99 40% off

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Having a scale in the bathroom or bedroom is an easy way to check in and keep regular updates going. This scale is incredibly precise, can handle up to 180kg, and is small and sleek, making it perfect for under a bed, or tucked away in a corner.

$19.98 $29.99 33% off

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Not only is this scale solar-powered, which is incredibly cool, but it can also work alongside multiple apps and smart fitness devices to give accurate measurements, including things like BMI and body fat percentage.

$28.79 $59.99 52% off

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At some point, a lot of people end up having to worry about their blood pressure, and the irony is not lost on any of them. This monitor is really easy to use, can store up to 240 readings, and is accurate enough to ease anyone’s mind.