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The Aukey Right Angled Lightning Cable Is the Charging Cable You Didn’t Know You Needed

Lightning cables are all the same, right? Think again. Not all lightning cables are created equal and the best lightning cables not only charge your device quickly but provide speedy transfer speeds and are built with durable materials. One lightning cable that checks all those boxes is the Aukey Right Angled lightning cable.


Why Choose a Right Angled Lightning Cable

The advent of the right-angled connector is a revelation to anyone who has ever dealt with any kind of chord with a short in it that was caused by the cable bending right near the connecting end. That is towards the top of the list of most frustrating first-world problems. Right-angled connectors prevent that by angling the cable out of the way, so when you go to push the charging cable in your device or pull it out, the contact is made on the connector, and not the bent cable.

A right-angled lightning cable also gets the cable out of your way when you are holding your phone or mobile device and reduces the chances of the cable snagging on something, since it isn’t dangling straight down. It’s not good for your device or your lightning cable when it inadvertently gets yanked out.


What Is The Aukey Right Angled Lighting Cable

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You already know the benefits of having a right-angled lightning cable, but not all right-angled cables are nylon braided, Apple MFi-certified and come with two cables out of the package. The nylon braiding is tough and flexible, meaning less cracking and exposed wires (that’s never safe) and provides users with more durability compared to other lightning cables.

Apple MFi-certified means that the Aukey Right Angled Lightning Cable is guaranteed to work with your Apple devices that use a lightning port. And not only will it charge those devices, but can transfer data between devices at a speedy 480Mbps. And your devices don’t need to be stacked on top of one another because the cables are six feet long.


Aukey Right Angled Lightning Cable

When you’re done messing around with short lightning cables that crack, break and short out on you, the Aukey Right Angled Lightning Cable is your solution for a reliable home or office charging cable.

aukey right angled lightning cable


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