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The Most Reliable Ring Security Camera We’ve Tested Is At An All-Time Low $40

This impressive Ring Indoor Security Camera is normally $59.99, but it is 33% off today at $39.99, which is incredible value for what it offers. It’s a fairly good value purchase even at full price, so with the discount, today’s an excellent day to grab one or two to help upgrade the indoor security at home, or just keep an eye on the kids and pets.

This camera is easily one of the best security cameras that don’t require a subscription, although one can be paid for if extra features are needed. As standard though, this camera has impressive HD resolution, meaning the user can always see what’s going on, and has two-way audio, which makes it useful for talking to kids or pets when not in the room, or scaring a partner as they’re getting a midnight snack.

The size makes it easy to put just about anywhere, and if it’s in an Alexa-friendly home, then those devices can be paired with it to either see what it sees, or just for sending notifications when motion is detected. It’s a great little device that can help bring a little more peace of mind to any household, and pairs well with security options, like the best security camera light bulbs, to create a safe home.

$39.99 $59.99 33% off

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This security camera comes in two colors, which is vital for some, and has a plethora of excellent features, especially at this price point. This camera is compact, can be paired with most Alexa devices to allow the user to see what it sees with ease, has two-way audio, and can send notifications through Fire TV or Fire Tablets to let the user know when it detects movement. It also has HD resolution, making it far easier to see what’s happening.