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The Ring Video Doorbell Is Incredible, And Back Down To Prime Day Prices At Just $39

The Ring Video Doorbell is one of the most well-known and ubiquitous smart devices around, and it’s no surprise, given how good it is. It’s also a device that’s currently on sale with a big 40% discount, bringing it down to as cheap as it was on Prime Day last year, at just $38.99. For that price, whoever buys one gets a window into the outside world, a little security camera, and the ability to never open the door to unwanted guests again.

The base model is still one of the best Ring Video Doorbells, because it maintains the same high-quality level of features, but at a very reasonable price. This doorbell has 1080p video quality, making it incredibly easy to see what’s in front of the door, but it also has night vision as well, making it easy to use in the dark as well. Plus, it even sends real-time notifications to the user’s phone, to make it easy to know when packages are being delivered, or a cat has suddenly appeared.

It’s pretty easy to install too, which is nice. All of these features, and the fact that it can be used with the Ring Protect Plan if the user buys it for even more functionality, make the Ring Video Doorbell an incredible device at full price, but with 40% off, this thing is one of the best tech sales of the week for just about any home that wants to keep an eye on the doorbell, or just likes the comfort this thing brings.

$38.99 $64.99 40% off

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