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Samsung’s Best Tablets Are On Sale Right Now for Cyber Monday — Save $200 While You Can

The Galaxy Tab A8 is Samsung’s affordable alternative to the premium-priced Tab S8, S8+ and S8 Ultra, and right now, the Tab A8 is even more affordable. For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is discounted by $90, dropping the price to just $140.

Samsung has been pulling out all the stops for its Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale, and for Android lovers, the company makes the best iPad alternatives on the market right now. And at this price, it’s hard to resist.


$139.99 $229.99 39% off

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+10.5″ Screen
+32GB, 64GB or 128GB
+Kid-friendly with Samsung Kids
+Seamless pairing with Galaxy devices

The tablet has a comfortable 10.5″ LCD screen that’s ideal for reading, streaming content and browsing, and it has a solid battery life if you’re using it while traveling. If you want to upgrade to the best Android tablet on the market, the S8+, you can score it for $200 less than its full retail price. The S8+ packs a 12.4″ screen and comes with the S Pen.

There are three colors available of the A8, including pink gold, silver and dark gray. All of them are on sale, but the dark gray with 32GB of storage is the most discounted. There are also three sizes; 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. The 128GB version of the tablet bumps the price up to $199, which is still 40% off full retail. As for the S8+, all sizes are discounted by at least 22%.

For many people, a tablet is a go-between for their phone and their laptop. A phone is used for everyday tasks and communication and a laptop is ideal for work. A tablet fills in the gaps. That’s why many people might not need a premium, top-of-the-line tablet, especially if they’re just using it for travel, checking emails and watching the occasional video on a commute. For those people, the Galaxy Tab A8 is the ideal companion, especially if you carry a Samsung smartphone or Pixel phone and you’re a fan of the Android operating system.

If you’re upgrading from your previous tablet or you want to sync with your phone, Samsung makes it easy to transfer data between devices using Smart Switch. You can either transfer wirelessly by connecting to the same WiFi network or opt for a wired connection for faster data transmission.

The Galaxy Tab A8 is a great option for everyday use, but if you want a more premium Samsung tablet, those are discounted, too. We recently reviewed the Galaxy S8+, and our tech editor called it the best Android tablet and even argued that “it offers more value and versatility over the iPad Pro,” citing the inclusion of the S Pen.

premium pick

$698.90 $899.99 22% off

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+12.4 Inch Screen
+128GB, 256GB or 512GB
+Includes S Pen
+DeX for PC experience

Unsurprisingly, you get more power and features out of the S8+ than you do the more economical A8. The S8+ offers smooth performance and is versatile enough to use for many tasks a laptop would perform. If you expect to use a tablet as your daily driver, then it’s well worth considering upgrading to the S8+. Whichever you choose, you’ll get a reliable companion for work, play and travel.