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Samsung’s Galaxy Book2 Pro Laptops Pack Enterprise Security In Sleek And Stylish Designs

Mobile World Congress 2022 is right around the corner, and there have already been some big announcements from brands like Lenovo and Samsung. Today, Samsung gave the world its first look at the upcoming Galaxy Book2 Pro laptops, and we’ve got all the details.

As work-from-home culture continues to grow and evolve as we adapt to this new (and arguably more efficient) way of life, our laptop needs also change. While any work done in offices was relatively secure thanks to the company’s firewalls, working from home is a different story. It can be a lot harder to secure your home’s network, but Samsung hopes to ease those struggles with its new lineup of Galaxy Book2 Pro series laptops, each of which has enterprise-levels of security.

“Our goal at Samsung is not just to create mobile technology, but to give our users unique experiences that fundamentally enhance their everyday lives,” said Hark-sang Kim, Executive VP and Head of New Computing R&D Team at Samsung. “We are reimagining the PC. Together, with seamless continuity across our Galaxy devices and secure mobility, users can unlock more efficiency and enable the possibilities of the office of tomorrow.”

For the average user, this essentially means you’re getting a very safe and secure laptop but in the stylish and lightweight design that consumers favor. The Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro Series looks good, while also taking security seriously when you’re at home.


Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro

The Galaxy Book2 Pro is more like a traditional laptop than a tablet hybrid. It features a full-sized keyboard with a number pad and up to 21 hours of battery life. At the same time, it retains the thin and light nature of Samsung’s new, ultra-portable lineup at just over 2.5 lbs for the heaviest option. Both the 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch versions of the Galaxy Book2 Pro include multiple ports, an AMOLED display, and as much as 32GB of RAM. In a pinch, this laptop could deliver decent gaming performance for lower-end titles.

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You won’t have to wait long either, since pre-orders for the Galaxy Book 2 Pro will be made available starting on March 18 starting at $1,049.99. Expanded retail store availability will come later starting on April 1, 2022. If the firepower is just above your means, there’s also the Galaxy Book2 360 with slightly pared-down specs that fetches for $899.99, also debuting on April 1

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Courtesy of Samsung

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Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360

The Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 combines the best features of the previous two models into a single, two-in-one PC that can operate as a laptop or as a tablet. It also has 21 hours of battery life, fingerprint verification, 12th generation Intel Core processors, AMOLED displays, and all the features and power you’ve come to expect out of a Samsung device. It’s the heaviest of the new announcements at just over 3 lbs, but is still comparatively light when held against other best laptops on the market.

These new laptops bring high-speed WiFi connectivity together with increased security and powerful performance to give you a go-anywhere, do-anything (almost) laptop. You won’t get tremendous gaming performance out of any of these, but you could take it with you to sit and work while sipping Mai-Tais on the beach.

Just like its sibling, The Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 will be available for pre-order starting in March, but at a slightly higher cost of $1,249.99.

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Courtesy of Samsung.

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