Samsung Robot Vacuum Will Clean Your Entire House While You Relax

Samsung Robot Vacuum
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* Choose from three powerful cleaning modes
* 10x more powerful suction than the competitors
* Automatic room-to-room cleaning

Wouldn’t it be amazing to come home to a clean house everyday without ever lifting a finger? Samsung’s POWERbot may be the solution you seek. The 6th generation Samsung POWERbot robot vacuum is a lean, mean cleaning machine with a technologically advanced design that’s sure to impress. Let’s break down the unique features that will make your home cleaner and healthier.

  • Sleek and strong. The POWERbot is built for the long haul so it’s as durable and effective as they come. Samsung spared no detail with the design, making it a stunning addition to any home. If you have stairs, its large auto-adjusting 4.1” EasyPass Wheels can easily climb onto carpet and over thresholds.
  • Clean with power and purpose. This smart vacuum is designed with CycloneForce separation technology, allowing it to separate dirt and debris so it maintains long-lasting suction power to reduce filter clogging. 
  • Set it and forget it. Automatic room-to-room cleaning allows you to run errands, go to work and carry on with your day knowing your vacuum has got you covered.
  • Charged up, 24/7. The POWERbot vacuum always returns “home” to its charging station so it’s ready and fully-charged whenever you need it.

Samsung Robot Vacuum

With its built-in WiFi connectivity, you can easily control the vacuum with your smartphone – and the best part? You don’t even have to be home to do so. Pet owners, you’ll be happy to hear that the PowerBOT is specially engineered to pick up dander, dirt, hair and kitty litter thanks to its unique 12″ wide Combo Brush design.

Samsung Robot Vacuum

Live in a dust-free and clean environment without lifting a finger… except to activate the vacuum. This one-of-a-kind vacuum is practical addition to any home or a well-received house warming gift.

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