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Samsung’s Sending Cyber Week Out With a Huge Sale on Hard Drives and Memory Cards – Save 69% Now

It’s called Cyber Week for a reason — just because you may have missed out on Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals doesn’t mean you’re getting completely shut out.

One of the week’s best tech deals has popped up today on Amazon and it’s from Samsung — get up to 71% off internal and external hard drives and Micro SD memory cards for your computer, gaming console, streaming device, and more.

Whether you want to back up your precious data and memories, free up PlayStation space for the hot new game releases, or just give your PC a little more oomph, now’s the time. A good flash drive can be essential to students or remote workers, too, so load up on hard drives and memory before this deal goes away.

$24.99 $74.99 67% off

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For a little while longer, you can save 67% on this 256GB flash drive. Use this drive to bring files to your home office, or use it to store your favorite music, photos and videos. This thumb drive has transfer speeds up to 400MB/s.

$156.99 $499.99

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Did you go small on memory when you bought your laptop or gaming console? Common mistake, and usually one you have to pay out the nose to fix. But now you can get a massive 2TB expansion for just over $150 — well under the normal price of $500.

$149.99 $289.99

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Portable SSD drives are amazing for backing up essential files, photos, and videos from your laptop or desktop computer, especially when you set them to do it automatically (like Apple’s Time Machine). You will want one that can take a drop or a jostle without bricking on you, which is why the Samsung T7’s rugged exterior casing makes it one of the best on the market.

$44.98 $84.99

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Android smartphones, Nintendo Switch consoles, laptops, tablets, even drones — Micro SD cards are one of the most sought-after sources of expanded memory. Samsung’s EVO Select cards are as fast as they are versatile — 130MB per second translates to silky-smooth performance regardless of where you use it.

$24.99 $84.99

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This tiny USB-A thumb drive packs a 256-gigabyte punch, more than enough to ferry your important files to and from campus or the office. Its low profile also makes it an ideal device for adding storage to your smart TV. It’s also available in 128 and 64GB sizes, but for 71% off go big with the full 256GB capacity.

Need more options? There are a total of 18 great hard drive and memory deals going on right now as part of this Cyber Week deal on Samsung Memory Products at Amazon. Don’t miss out!