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Don’t Miss This: SanDisk Portable SSD Drives Are 56% Off for Amazon Shoppers

The people who said you would never fill up a 1MB drive are eating their words. Files are larger than ever, especially if you record a lot of video or play a lot of video games. That’s right: no one has forgotten how large the download for Red Dead Redemption 2 was. But now, you can remedy those problems by picking up a massive SanDisk external SSD for less than it was on Prime Day.

For a limited time, SanDisk’s drives are discounted on Amazon, with the 1TB option going for $109.99 and the 2TB option going for $208.99.

Those are 56% and 55% discounts, respectively.

For reference, that’s a steeper discount than we saw during Prime Day.

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What Makes These Sandisk External SSDs a Great Deal

On the fence about which storage size to pick? Here’s a full rundown on what’s on sale:

And here are some great reasons to shop these deals, no matter which size you choose:

  • Instant savings as high as $251
  • As much as 56% off the original price
  • Free shipping for Prime members
  • These SSD drives are portable
  • 27,000+ reviews and overall 4.7-star rating

What We Love About These Sandisk External SSDs

Sufficient space for data storage is just as important as protecting your data, and that’s something that SanDisk delivers in spades. Each SSD features up to two-meter drop protection, as well as IP55 dust and water resistance. In other words, you can take this on the road and not worry about bumps erasing information like you would with a normal hard drive, and a splash or two won’t hurt it (although you don’t want to go swimming with one of these).

The drives also feature 256-bit AES hardware encryption. That’s a fancy of way of saying it’s really, really hard to break. Take a full Scrabble box, decide on a password, and drop it on the floor. All the possible combinations and lengths you can make with those tiles is what someone would have to get through in order to figure out a password. That’s a bit of an oversimplification, but it drives home the point: with the right password practices, your data is safe.

The drives also feature gigabit read and write speeds, which means you can work straight from the drive without moving data to or from your computer. It’s an easy way to reduce storage and to have a reliable way to handle massive files, like 4K video editing and rendering, on a smaller laptop.

If you have a slow internet speed and you don’t want to have to re-download games every time, just move them off your computer or console and onto this drive, then move them back. It reserves your bandwidth and is a lot faster than relying on rural internet.

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