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Use the Secret Code and Grab an Anker 6-Outlet 2-USB Outlext Extender for Just $14

Is there a better feeling than being let in on a cool little secret? Maybe being let in on a cool little secret that saves you money on a great power extender with surge protection and USB outlets from a trusted electronics source like Anker?

Brace yourself for that good feeling, because Anker’s 18W Outlet Extender with a dimming nightlight, 6 AC ports, and 2 USB-A ports is marked all the way down to $14 when you use the secret coupon ANKER9261A at checkout. This coupon code doesn’t appear anywhere on the product page, which is why you always SPY before you buy.

This ultra-slim extender turns a standard two-AC wall outlet into six, along with two fast-charging USB-A plugs, all surge-protected — and it’s a nightlight. That’s a pretty great little secret to be let in on.

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What Makes the Anker Outlet Extender With Dimming Nightlight a Great Deal?


  • Code ANKER9261A at checkout brings price down to $14
  • Free one-day delivery with Prime membership
  • Average 4.5-star rating from over 200 Amazon purchasers
  • Amazon’s Choice in power strips by Anker
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What We Love About the Anker Outlet Extender With Dimming Nightlight

Standard AC wall outlets clearly have not kept up with the times. We need more power, more options, faster charging, and more protection, and this Anker extender checks off every box. Turning two standard plugs into eight powerful surge-protected ones makes sense at any price, much less a mere $14.

The Anker Outlet Extender is only 1.1 inches thick, and firmly affixed to the wall with a long mounting screw and stabilizing rod, so you don’t have some bulky box tenuously hanging from your wall waiting to be bumped to the floor.

Even more than the convenience and the fast-charging speed afforded by the 18W USB-A ports which will bring an iPhone 12 to a full charge an hour faster than a standard 5W charging cube, we love the comprehensive protection and safety for your home and your devices. Anker’s 7-point safety system includes protection against short circuits, overheating, over-voltage and over-current, along with fire resistance and ground protection. And the adjustable nightlight might just prevent you from becoming a thing that goes bump in the night.

Secret’s out — grab this amazing little powerhouse for just $14 today with the checkout code ANKER9261A.

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Courtesy of Amazon