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These Stickers Dim LED Lights on Your Gadgets so You Can Sleep Disruption-Free

* Lights from TVs, game consoles and other electronics can be distracting
* These black stickers cover up LED lights to let you sleep and work more easily
* Different shapes and sizes allow you to cover up even larger displays

If you turn all of your lights out to go to sleep, you can understand exactly what the inventor of these stickers was trying to achieve. Where you may hope for complete darkness as you rest, there’s always tiny red, white or other colored dots around the room belonging to TVs, game consoles, computers and any other electronics with LED displays. These tiny distractions can make falling to sleep more difficult, or for the more imaginative, wake you in the night with a start as an evil set of red eyes stares back.

The solution to the problem?

. These stickers are designed to go over the top of any distracting displays, LEDs and other light sources to give you the complete darkness you desire. Black Out Edition refers to the revised model, which now blocks 100% of the light output.

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The stickers aren’t just for your bedroom, either. They can block out annoying lights on appliances throughout the house to prevent distractions while you’re working, watching TV or even exercising. They can also be used in cars or at the office, too.

In addition, each pack of LightDims includes a range of 100 stickers in different shapes and sizes to ensure there’s always an option for blocking out the source of your distraction or annoyance. Application really is as simple as peeling and sticking. You can also rest assured that removal of the stickers will not leave any sticky, hard-to-clean residues behind.

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Next time that blinking light won’t let you get some sleep, remove the problem and enjoy the pitch black sleeping environment your brain longs for. And, if you don’t believe these stickers will be effective, it’s worth checking out the nearly 500 5-star reviews on Amazon from happy sleepers.


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