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Thousands of People Use This Smart Device To Control Their Fireplace and Fans With Just Their Voice

* Replacing all the devices in your home with smart devices is expensive
* BOND allows Alexa and Google to control existing ceiling fans and fireplaces
* Easy to install and can control up to 6 ceiling fans

Having a smart home is great. You can talk to your garage door, your thermostat, your bedroom lamp and even your coffee pot through Alexa or your smartphone. It makes life so much easier. But replacing everything in your house with a smart item can add up quickly. Realizing this problem, the inventors of

created a device to convert your old stuff into smart home-compatible appliances.

BOND works by mimicking the infrared or radio wave signals sent by remote controls to your appliances. It reads, remembers and duplicates the signals. That means BOND can turn anything that has a remote control, like ceiling fans and fireplaces, into an Alexa-compatible device.

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BOND also connects to your WiFi, allowing you to communicate with it through your phone, tablet or smart home device. It’s compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Therefore, Alexa, Google or your phone controls the BOND, the BOND controls your appliances and you no longer need any of those annoying remote controls piled up in the living room.

Installation is also super easy. Simply plug BOND in, connect it to your WiFi and download the BOND app on your phone. Then, point your ceiling fan or fireplace remote at the BOND and allow it to copy the signal. That’s it. You can now control your appliances by simply talking to Alexa or any other smart home controller.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

A single BOND can control up to six ceiling fans spread out over 2500 square meters. Currently, the software supports ceiling fans and both gas and electric fireplaces, but updates are on the way for air conditioner units, garage doors and motorized shades.

As an added benefit, the BOND is rather cost efficient. It’s currently available for just under $100, which is much less than you’d spend updating all your fans and fireplaces to smart home-compatible appliances.


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