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Wow, Lucyd Made a Pair of Smart Glasses We’d Actually Wear

Since Google Glass debuted in 2013, smart glasses have been an on-again, off-again product in the tech world. They were supposed to revolutionize the way we live and operate, and yet, they only turned out to be incredibly creepy.

However, hope isn’t lost and a few small companies have seen the potential in smart glasses. As such, these various brands have kept the dream alive. The latest to give smart glasses a shot is Lucyd with their Loud Slim series. The Loud Slim takes what was promising about smart glasses and removes what was creepy and weird.

If you’re hoping to be able to walk down the street and wink at a building to take a picture, keep moving. But, if you’re looking to add some friction-less functionality to your daily routine, you’ll be pleased to know the Loud Slim can do just that.

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The Loud Slim connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to activate your voice assistant by simply touching the side of your specs. What’s nice about this feature is the Loud Slim doesn’t have to rely on 3rd party brands to work with their platform. By piggybacking off of your phone’s existing ecosystem, Lucyd shaves costs while delivering the functionality you’re looking for from a pair of smart glasses. Call an Uber or Lyft, make a phone call, text a friend or play some music, all without taking your phone out of your pocket. What’s more, the glasses utilize bone conduction technology to deliver sound without requiring use of headphones. In other words you can hear your music without blocking out the world around you.

Functionality aside, Loud Slim took obvious cues from Google Glass and went the opposite way. Instead of making a pair of smart glasses that were cumbersome and awkward, Loud Slim modeled their glasses after actual glasses, giving them a smart, almost retro vibe. Unless they’re aware of the brand, odds are the average person wouldn’t know you’re wearing Lucyd’s smart glasses, and that’s exactly what you want.

At only $99 without prescription, Lucyd’s Loud Slim smart glasses are a steal for a technology that Google was charging $1,500 for nearly 6 years ago. The Loud Slim are available for purchase right now, come in an array of colors from all black or purple, to an electric blue and yellow and work with most prescriptions.