This $30 Smart Power Strip Gives You Four Alexa Smart Plugs For The Price of One

coinco smart home power strip
Image courtesy of Amazon

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If you’re looking for a power strip that allows you to turn on your fans, lights, coffee machine, and more with Alexa, Boy Genius Report has discovered a device that gives you four Alexa Smart Plugs all for the price of just one plug. Find out more from BGR and shop below:

From BGR:

We love Alexa-enabled smart plugs as much as the next person. Being able to turn things like lamps, fans, and coffee makers on and off simply by speaking a command to Alexa is fantastic. Of course, spending around $30 for each device you want to control can add up fast. Luckily, there’s a better option. The Conico WiFi Smart Power Strip has four standard outlets that can each be controlled individually using Alexa. That’s right, you can control four different devices for the price of one Alexa-enabled smart plug — and it also has four additional USB power ports for good measure.

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It’s also equipped with remote wireless control allowing you to use the full control mode or to control four different smart sockets individually with your smartphone through Wi-Fi regardless of where you are. With the Jinvoo App, you can create timer to schedule control this wireless multi outlets power bar, so it will never be dark when you get home. 


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