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Leonardo Da Vinci’s Dream Comes True in the Bionic Bird

* Controlled via smartphone app
* 100-meter range
* Can fly indoors or out

The bionic bird is one of those products that is somehow much more compelling than it seems. A biometric drone with a 100-meter range, the endearingly painted bionic bird is controlled with a handy smartphone app compatible with iOS 7+ and Android 4.3+. The bionic bird is simple to fly, and can be set in modes that let it fly indoors as well.

The result of an advanced biometric study, the bionic bird began as an Indiegogo crowd funded invention. Unlike the more common helicopter-style drones or classical remote-controlled fixed-wing aircraft, the bionic bird flies using the mechanical principals that real birds use.

Ever since Leonardo Da Vinci modeled the motions of birds in flight, humanity has been trying in earnest to replicate their free-sprited and agile flight. Ironically, it is only with the advent of today’s sophisticated electronics and miniaturization that we’ve been able to construct life-sized working and flying model birds.

The bionic bird’s body is only 8 cm long, yet includes all the components necessary to power the flapping of its flexible wings. Thanks to unconventional, advanced materials, the bionic bird is durable, lightweight and easy to repair and maintain. It even comes with a cleverly-designed “egg” for recharging.

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