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Sony’s new INZONE Brand Targets High-Performance PC Gamers

PC gamers like to be on the bleeding edge of tech, especially when it affects their in-game performance. With the rise in popularity of eSports and cloud gaming services, Sony veered into the skid with high-resolution gaming monitors and high-end audio gear for gaming with their new INZONE brand.

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What We Love About the INZONE Lineup

The INZONE lineup brings a lot to the table. The INZONE M9 gaming monitor brings 4K resolution with Full Array Local Dimming to give the best view possible, even in high-intensity games. It also boasts a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1-millisecond gray-to-gray response. The INZONE M3 ups that refresh rate to 240Hz with variable refresh rate tech, making it an excellent choice for FPS titles.

Both of the monitor options have an adjustable height and tilt to fit any gamer and their setup, as well as a selection of rear lighting colors and cable management options. Few things detract from gaming like a messy desktop, and the INZONE monitors help avoid this.

Sony INZONE Monitors and Headsets Featured

The standout element of both the INZONE H9 and the INZONE H7 wireless gaming headsets is their battery life: 32 hours and 40 hours, respectively. The INZONE H3 is a wired option for gamers that don’t mind being connected.

The headsets provide spacial awareness for gamers, letting them spot when someone is approaching from behind or buying precious seconds to dodge a well-placed grenade. More importantly, they’re designed for comfort — those long gaming sessions won’t leave judgemental red marks on your head from hours of play.

The INZONE H9 also has multiple noise-canceling microphones to help drown out external noise, whether it’s from an oscillating fan or a particularly noisy computer. There’s also interplay between PC and PlayStation with the INZONE H9 and H7 — you can swap between the two platforms and receive the same benefits.

We also really need to point out the PS5-inspired designs, which give them all that futuristic aesthetic that appeals to hardcore gamers. The white meets black paint jobs look slick, especially with these minimalist designs.


INZONE Pricing and Availability

The INZONE M9 gaming monitor will be available in summer 2022 for $900, while the M3 will be available within the year for $530. The INZONE H9, H7, and H3 headsets are available for preorder now for $300, $230, and $100 respectively.

Sony INZONE Monitors and Headsets

Sony INZONE - Learn More


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