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What Exactly is Sprint’s “Magic Box?”

* Sprint launches “Magic Box” wireless small cell
* Designed to provide LTE coverage indoors
* Available free for qualifying customers

Ever struggle to get the same cell service indoors that you get when you’re outside of the house? Struggle no more with Sprint’s aptly-named, “Magic Box.”

Fresh off T-Mobile’s announcement of 5G service, Sprint is hitting back with a new announcement of its own, debuting the world’s first all-wireless small cell that’s designed to provide better LTE coverage inside of homes and businesses.

According to Sprint, the Magic Box will boost data signals (helping you get five bars), while amplifying LTE data speeds. The carrier says the box will increase upload and download speeds on average by 200%. A dedicated channel to Sprint’s network will help reduce noise and interference.

The Sprint Magic Box is designed to be plugged in without installation, router or WiFi. Roughly the size of a shoebox, the Magic Box covers 30,000 square feet inside and extends to 100 meters outside.

Sprint says the device will be free for qualifying customers. Businesses will get access first and then consumers will follow. Sprint says it has started to deploy the Magic Box in Denver, San Francisco, Indianapolis, New York, Chicago and Houston. Qualification will depend on where you live and how easily your area can connect to the overall Sprint network.