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Star Wars Day Means Lightsabers, Games, LEGO, and An Echo Dot Are Up To 55% Off

Star Wars Day is here again, and while the Force may not be with any of us trying to get out of bed this morning, there’s no denying the pure joy that comes from buying some cool Star Wars toys and gear. In fact, thanks to some hefty discounts today on Amazon, it’s easy to grab LEGO sets, lightsabers, and more, with up to 55% off.

While the world awaits the next big Star Wars story, it’s nice to know that it’s easy to pass the time with some of the best Star Wars LEGO sets, and there are some incredible options on sale today, some of which SPY has chosen below. There are loads of clothes too, but the focus here is on the cooler toys and gadgets.

One of the best things to pick up is an Echo Dot with a The Child stand, from the Mandalorian, who looks like baby Yoda, but apparently isn’t baby Yoda. Either way, the sale on that is very good, and it looks cool. Does it look as cool as this Star Wars X Columbia collection? Who can possible answer that, but maybe it’s something to reflect on while swinging around a new lightsaber.

$29.99 $66.99 55% off

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Everyone loves a lightsaber, but the good news is that this one won’t slice through a wall by accident. This toy can be customized with different handles and styles for a cool and unique lightsaber.

$32.44 $64.94 50% off

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The Echo Dot is an excellent smart speaker on its own, but this one comes with a cool The Child stand. It doesn’t change the features, but it does look cool.

$12.49 $21.99 43% off

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Everyone knows and has mixed feelings towards Monopoly, but hey, this time around, it’s got a Boba Fett skin. SPY recommends playing it while drinking boba tea.

LEGO is one of the best bastions of creativity, zoning out, and recapturing of the childhood that exists, and this set has the builder creating a TIE Bomber, and comes with some cool minifigures too.

$135.99 $169.99 20% off

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The Justifier isn’t a figure that’s as popular as the likes of the Millenium Falcon, but it does look incredibly cool. This one comes The Bad Batch TV show, and also comes with some cool mini figurines too.