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Everything You Need to Know About Sunset Projection Lamps, the Latest Design Trend Taking Over Instagram

If you ended up here because you’re in search of a sunset projection lamp, our guess is that your quest probably started with an Instagram or TikTok ad.

You know the one. The photo probably featured a stylish, modern-looking home with an orb of light shot onto the wall that is impossible not to take notice of. Maybe it was orange and red. Maybe it was blue and pink. Whatever caught your eye, you probably thought it looked cool as hell if you were anything like us.

But like most cool things, the price tag on that Sunset Projection lamp probably seemed a little high, and was being offered by a brand that you had never seen or heard about before. And so now you’re trying to figure out what’s up with these things and where you can find the best price.

If that’s the case, you’ve ended up in the right place. And if this is the first time you’ve ever heard of these things, get ready to fall down a rabbit hole, because sunset projection lamps are definitely one of the coolest LED lighting and interior design trends of 2021.


What Is a Sunset Projection Lamp?

No, the name is not a gimmick. Due to its design, which uses a glass lens that houses an LED, these things really exist somewhere between a lamp and projector. Where as a normal lightbulb will emit a radiant glow, Sunset Projection lamps throw a beam of light up against your wall, bathing it in warm light.

While this idea might be pretty new, technology at play here is anything but. It’s mostly a case of existing lighting components being combined in novel ways. There’s no super futuristic innovations or complicated manufacturing required to produce these stunning visuals. The simple magic behind these lamps is that they use colored filters, and when combined with the fisheye lens, it creates those color gradients that are irresistible to the eye.

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Where Did The Sunset Projection Trend Start?

As mentioned before, the sunset projection lamp trend took off with the onslaught of ads and sponsored posts that flooded our social media feeds this winter. But before that, it appears that this trend started with a line of lamps called Halo Edition created an Italian design studio by the name of Mandalaki. And while most sunset projection lamps can be found for less than $30, theirs cost as much as $1250.

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Courtesy of Mandalaki

Why the steep increase in price? Part of it is the proverbial tax that comes with any product that comes out of a boutique design studio. But typically, that also means you’re getting a product that is built with higher quality parts than what you would get from a cheaper alternative. Additionally, the Halo lamps are intended for use in art galleries and retail spaces. This likely means that these lamps can shine brighter, but diffuse light in a more attractive manner. It also means that the components could last longer.

But does this mean you need to splurge on a $1000 lamp? No. While the $20 version you get on Amazon won’t be as good, it will almost certainly be good enough for 99.9% of people. especially when you consider that this probably won’t be a primary source of light in your home.


What Should I Look for in a Sunset Projection Lamp?

So we’ve established that Sunset Projection Lamps look great and are extremely affordable. There has to be some downside, right? Sort of.

For starters, you have to put a little extra thought and consideration into where you place them if you want the light to look amazing. The lens has to face whatever wall you want the light on and it will likely have to have it within a foot or two of the wall so that you can reach a power outlet and not have a cord running into the middle of the room. And unless you want to constantly be blinded by light, you have to find a spot for it where you’re not constantly walking through the lightbeam.

The other caveat is that most of these sunset projection lamps you find on Amazon (and elsewhere) are the same…literally. While there are a million different brands selling these, the designs are all identical and appear to be coming from the same small pool of wholesale manufacturers. There could be some variation in quality, but they likely won’t be radically different from one another.

With that said, sunset projection lamps can look dazzling when done right. And some of these models do have specific advantages, so we’ve rounded up a few of the best sunset projection lamps we found on Amazon.


1. Ignislife Sunset Projection Lamp


At less than $20, this sunset projection lamp from Ignislife is not only one of the most affordable options, but also Amazon’s Choice. While it only comes in one color (Sunset Red), this is the most common design among sunset projection lamps and has all of the same features as more expensive models.

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Courtesy of Amazon


2. Feeke Sunset Projection Lamp


While some sunset projection lamps have an articulating neck that can bend 90 degrees, this sunset projection lamp from Feeke has a fully bendable gooseneck that can let you position the lamp to your liking. This not only offers an incredible amount of versatility when it comes to the height and angle of the lamp, but bending it into a squiggle can add a fun touch to any room.

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Courtesy of Amazon

3. BBTO Rainbow and Sunset Projection Lamp Bundle


Looking for double the fun? Why not buy this bundle from BBTO that gives you two lamps in Rainbow and Sunset colors. And aside from a handful of models that are on sale, this bundle is offered at a price that is more affordable than buying two individual lamps.

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4. Sunset Projection Lamp With Swappable Color Films


Can’t decide on what color you want? One of the secrets of sunset projector lamps is that most of them can be disassembled and the color filters for the lenses can be easily swapped out. This lamp comes with six different filters, which include all of the most common colors you’ve seen in those instagram ads.

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5. Spacenight Floor-Standing Sunset Projection Lamp


While the majority of the best sunset projection lamps are designed to be placed on a table, this one is a floor-standing model, which allows you to use it in unique ways. Even better, it comes with two lenses, one Sunset Red, and one Yellow and Green that gives you some variety when it comes to color.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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