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This Tower of Power Keeps Gadgets Charged and Computers Protected

* Eight-outlet surge protector (1500 Joules)
* Tower configuration takes up little space
* Six USB charging ports

Surge protectors are everywhere. In your office, at home and under your bed. The one thing common to all of them? They are typically in a clumsy, space-consuming strip configuration. No more, thanks to this tower configuration surge protector from Bestek. Instead of laying out horizontally and taking up a lot of space on the floor, this surge protector rises up to be your tower of power.  

This surge protector is a 1500 Joules rated protector that comes with eight outlets and six USB charging ports. It has a six-foot outlet cord, so you’ll have plenty of room to position it just right on your desk or in the corner of your room. The convenience of the six smart USB chargers, which can charge up to 2.4 amps, is a great feature. You’ll no longer have to worry about bulky USB charging units taking up outlet space on your surge protector. Now you can plug your USB cord directly into one of the six built-in charging ports. 

This surge protector from Bestek not only functions as a surge protector, it will also protect against overheating and electrical overload. Save space — and save yourself some worry — by protecting your office equipment and home electronics with this tower surge protector with USB charging ports.

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