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Your T-Mobile Number is Being Replaced by DIGITS

* New feature turns T-Mobile subscribers’ numbers into “virtual numbers”
* Gives you ability to use number across multiple devices (I.e. not just on your phone)
* Text, answer calls and check voice mails from computer or another phone

T-Mobile is giving its customers a more convenient way to stay connected, with the introduction of DIGITS.

The new program turns all T-Mobile subscribers’ numbers into “virtual numbers,” making the number available for use outside of just your regular cell phone. DIGITS works on virtually any connected device, from a phone and tablet, to your smartwatch, computer and more. By taking your traditional phone number outside of your phone, you’ll now be able to answer calls on your smartphone, or send texts from your tablet or laptop. You’ll also be able to check voice mails from your computer (DIGITS works with both PCs and Macs), and you can even use your phone number on multiple phones. DIGITS will even work on phones from Verizon and AT&T.

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The new program will go live on all T-Mobile subscribers’ accounts on May 31. If you’re an existing T-Mobile subscriber, your number will automatically be updated to DIGITS for free.

You can also get another DIGITS line for just $10 a month with AutoPay — and the line will work on the same phone. That feature will prove useful to employees who juggle a work phone and a personal phone (or if you want a second number to give out on dates). With DIGITS, you can access both numbers on one device.

Another use for DIGITS: families might can now move their “home” number to everyone’s smartphones—so you can keep the number but get rid of that landline. Then, when the home phone rings, it rings everyone. You won’t miss an important call again.

“Phone numbers are so yesterday—DIGITS are now,” said John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile. Here more from him in the video below.

DIGITS is available starting May 31 at T-Mobile stores nationwide and online at