Is This the Most Luxurious Smartwatch on the Planet?

TAG Heuer Connected SAR8A80FT6045
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* Titanium timepiece from iconic Swiss watchmaker
* Custom suite of apps to monitor communication, weather and fitness
* Dual core processor and 4GB memory

Convenience, meet class. Horological giant TAG Heuer has created a smartwatch that blends style with high-tech essentials. Dubbed the “TAG Heuer Connected,” this sleek timepiece is built on the latest release of Android Wear with thousands of apps at the Google Play store.

Made with scratch resistant sapphire crystal, a brushed titanium case and a titanium bezel, the watch features an LCD touch display, rechargeable battery operated quartz movement (charging cable included) and a dual core processor. 

The wrist-piece has an automatic 3-hands movement and a 46mm diameter. Despite its large size, the Tag Heuer Connected weighs only 52 grams–much lighter than one would expect. It boasts a 1GB main memory and 4GB storage memory, as well as Bluetooth BLE 4.1 connectivity. It’s compatible with Android 4.3+ and iOS 8.2+.

A true statement piece, this iconic Swiss brand has combined 150 years of watchmaking craftsmanship with the 21st-century convenience of wearable technology. You can rest assured that it’s authentic, as it comes with a certificate and the manufacturer’s serial number. 

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