Meet Talkie, The Smart Toy That Lets You Send Fun Voice Messages to Your Kids

Talkie by Toymail
Image Courtesy of Amazon
Image Courtesy of Amazon
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* Talkie lets your child send and receive real-time voice messages
* Easy-to-use design means it extra easy for kids and parents to use
* Makes playtime even more playful with a host of extra fun features

From TVs to iPads, smartphones and more, kids spend an estimated eight hours a day in front of screens. That’s where these cute talky toys come in. Offering a fresh take on an old design, your child’s able to use these dolls to send and receive real-time voice messages — all without ever having to look at a screen!

Featuring a safe and secure two-way message feature, your child will have no problem sending and receiving voice messages with these cuddly Toymail dolls. Two simple buttons on the back of the doll let your child easily record their messages and listen to yours no matter how far you are. Plus, the Talkie itself is constantly updating itself to check for new messages, so you won’t have to worry about your child ever missing a beat.

Setup is easy and only takes a few seconds. Using the free Toymail app, you’re able to connect these Talkies to your home’s WiFi network. From there, you can instantly send and receive messages straight to your phone.

More than just offering an easier way to keep in touch, these Talkies also offer a range of fun features. Take advantage of the built-in schedule and sleep mode to help nudge your child into bed. You can also choose from a handful of cool voice effects and even unlock ways to make the Talkie snort, snore and laugh.

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