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Read The Room: The Best Temperature and Humidity Sensors for Your Smart Home

The temperature and humidity inside of your house has more impact on you and your home than making it feel a little chillier or muggier than usual. The combination of both temperature and humidity play a key role in keeping your home not only comfortable but also safe to live in. 

The combination of warm temps and humidity above 60% can lead to mold growth in the home. Yuck. And that stuff is not good for anybody, especially those who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues. On the contrary, a home that’s too cold and humid can cause issues like pipes to freeze and burst. That’s not great either. The best way to avoid these types of calamities is staying in-the-know with a temperate and humidity sensor. 

You might be thinking, “Great, another piece of tech that is going to require complicated installation or take up even more room in my home.” Au contraire mon frére, these devices don’t require installation or replacing your smart thermostat, instead, you can place a small sensor in a room or area that you want to monitor, like under a sink or utility room, and get all of the information sent to your phone. Pretty spiffy, huh. 

You go to the doctor for checkups to make sure your health is in tip-top shape; consider a temperature and humidity sensor like a doctor check-in on your home, because the best way to prevent a home disaster like a frozen pipe is prevention.

Here are the best temperature and humidity sensors available. 

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The Govee WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer is the combination every consumer seeks: affordable and feature packed. It features both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity without the need of purchasing a separate hub for WiFi. You can refresh the app every two seconds for essentially real-time updates and set up notifications when temp or humidity surpass the ranges you set. You can see 20 days of history and download reports that store up to two years worth of temp and humidity data. At around $40, it’s also one of the more affordable options considering everything you get. 


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It’s great when a device works right out of the box with minimal effort. No need to sign up or create passwords – download the app, pair and you’re ready to read the room (temperature and humidity of course; this device won’t help you with social cues). It uses Bluetooth connectivity to give you minute by minute readings. It even stores up to 10 years worth or history providing all the data you could ever want.


This compact thermometer and humidity sensor resembles a Tile you’d keep on your keychain to locate your lost keys. But alas, this tiny sensor can accurately provide you the temp, dew point, humidity and vapor-pressure deficit (VPD) (if you really want to get into the weeds with the humidity in your home). The size alone makes it a versatile sensor allowing you to put it in places anywhere from your garage to a cigar case. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your phone but can also connect via WiFi with a SensorPush Gateway (sold separately) for more range. 


The temp stick provides everything you need in one package. With WiFi connectivity and no need for additional equipment, you can receive push notifications any time the temp or humidity goes beyond or dips below where it should be. You can even get weekly or monthly reports emailed to you to keep records which is great to see if a solution you’ve added, like a dehumidifier, is correcting any issues. Of course, you can always check this data on your phone whenever you want to check-in. 


When you want Alexa to quickly fetch you the deets on the air quality in your home, the Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is a good place to start. In the Alexa app, you can see information like VOCs, carbon monoxide, humidity and temperature, and all the information is color-coded to help you visually recognize when specific specs need to be addressed. And through the app, you can create automation like turning on air purifiers or dehumidifiers when certain thresholds are passed. 


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Designed to keep cigars in optimum conditions, the Oasis Caliber Hygrometer is only 2.5 inches in diameter and 1-inch tall, making it ideal for small spaces like cigar boxes, under sinks or in tight spaces in your utility room. This standalone device doesn’t feature any WiFi connectivity – you won’t be receiving any push notifications when temp or humidity levels rise and fall – but It’s affordable, simple to use and compact. 


The Extech Digit Thermometer is another temperature and humidity monitor that forgoes WiFi connectivity to create a simple, standalone sensor with a big display that you can easily read. The sensor can recall the last minimum and maximum readings from the room, and will make an audible noise when temperature and humidity surpass the minimum or maximum limits. It comes with a stand to place on a desk and wall brackets to mount to a wall.


The Cattino Smart WiFi Temperature and Humidity Monitor is one of the most affordable ways to get accurate temp and humidity readings in your home via WiFi. It monitors in real-time so you can open the app and see your live data. And the sensor has a display that automatically lights up when it senses movement, so you can see your data directly on the sensor as well. The downside is the sensor doesn’t have a battery and is powered via USB which needs to remain plugged in to be powered. 


The Airthings Wave takes the guesswork out of monitoring for temperature and humidity (it also detects Radon too). Open the app and if the circle in the app is green, you’re good. But if it’s yellow or red you should take action. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, but is compatible with the Airthings Hub which enables access to your data from anywhere. The Airthings Wave is a simple, yet effective air quality sensor that helps you stay on top of and in control of your home’s air quality. 


Although this device requires an Aqara Hub, the combination of the wireless temperature and humidity sensor and hub make for a convenient temp and humidity sensor. When temperature or humidity go beyond the thresholds that you set, you can get notifications on your phone to address the issue. And with the hub, you can control up to 128 connected devices meaning you could automate your home like having a smart dehumidifier to kick on automatically when humidity rises.

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