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Don’t Miss Out on Target’s 40% Off Discount on the Tile Mate Tracker

Misplacing your keys really sucks, especially when you’re already running late for work. The last thing you need is to waste even more time sniffing them out from your couch cushions or yesterday’s jeans. That’s when a Tile tracker comes in handy, and for a limited time right now, Target’s offering an incredible deal that lets you snag a 4-pack of the Tile Mate for $40.

That’s a discount of 43% off its regular selling price of $69.99, which effectively makes each Tile Mate a mere $10. In contrast, a single Apple AirTag fetches for $30 — so it’s saying a lot about the value in this deal. It’s also worth pointing out that a single Tile Mate tracker normally sells for $24.

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Courtesy of Target.


Why We Love The Tile Mate Tracker

You’ll never have to waste time again because the Tile Mate makes it effortless to track down the items you frequently use the most on a daily basis. Most people have them attached to their keys, so that in the event they’re misplaced somewhere nearby, they can use the Tile app for mobile to track them down. It does so through Bluetooth proximity, which impressively gets a maximum range of 200 feet. Plus, it emits an audible tone to make it easy to find your misplaced item.

If you find yourself outside of the 200 feet range, the mobile app will be able to help by showing you its most recent location. You also won’t have to frequently charge it like your smartwatch or smartphone, just because the replaceable CR1632 battery will last upwards of 1-year with normal use. And lastly, it’s also designed to be water-resistant.

There are plenty of uses for the Tile Mate beyond just attaching them to your keys. Heck, you could use them on all your favorite belongings.


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