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Power Your Music in The Car Like a BOSS

Love the convenience of satellite radio, but want a little more control? Want to play some of the music you don’t have on digital? Meet your car’s new best friend: the BOSS Audio’s BV9976B Touchscreen Music Player.

This innovative device powers up playlists of all kinds, whether it’s old school (DVD/CD), radio (ditto), or the latest tech (plug in the SD and USB ports or connect your phone to the auxiliary input).

Let’s unpack the details, because the BV9976B is unbelievably feature-rich, starting with the screen itself. The 7-inch, easy-to-read digital widescreen display has an innovative graphic interface for touch control, just like your phone and tablet. The wireless remote control powers key functions from the palm of your hand.

The player is Bluetooth enabled, so you can wirelessly stream audio from compatible devices as well as Spotify and Pandora. Pair it with your phone for hands-free use.

The BV9976B can really blast some sound in the outdoors. Connect external devices like an MP3 player or your phone to the aux input and BOOM! Instant music boost.

There’s so much more we could tell you, but wouldn’t you rather be driving around, listening to your favorite music? Ok… we can’t resist sharing one more thing. If your car has a rear camera, the rear control input of the BV9976B automatically powers it when the vehicle shifts into reverse — no more worrying about bumping into the car behind you when pulling out of tight parking spaces. Genius!

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