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I Promise, Your Family Will Love Finding This $13 Gadget in Their Stockings This Christmas

As SPY’s Tech Editor, a lot of products come across my desk in a given year, but the TOZO W1 Wireless Charger instantly caught my attention. The TOZO W1 is an ultra-thin charging pad made from aircraft grade aluminum, which is why it’s so much thinner and lightweight compared to most charging pads.

I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, but SPY put this charger to the test to make sure it delivered on its promises, and we found that it definitely did. This charger is just 5mm thick, which is just large enough to plug in the USB C charging cable that connects it to a power source.

With a 30% discount (and an additional 5% off coupon), this wireless charger costs just $13.29, making it the perfect tech gadget to slip into Christmas stockings in 2022. Seriously, at this price, you can buy one for everyone in your family.

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$13.99 $19.99 30% off

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The Tozo W1 fetches for well under $20 — making it a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for that tech lover in your life. This wireless charger comes in 19 different colors and has LED indicator lights on the side to let you know when your devices are powering up. This wireless charger is so thin it might be mistake for a coaster.

Why the Tozo W1 Is the Perfect Tech Stocking Stuffer

Wireless charging has become one of those must-have features I can’t live without. Looking back a decade ago, it was unfathomable to think that it could be a possibility — yet here we are, an age when wireless charging pads have become the norm.

That’s why when I look around my cluttered desk area, I’m still in awe of how far technology has come to give us this convenience. I’m often reminded about this whenever I plop my smartphone on the Tozo W1 Wireless Charger to my left. Knowing how the first batch of wireless charging pads that came to market a decade ago were bulky and charged very slowly, the Tozo W1 is a testament to how technology rapidly evolves.

As I’ve said, the pacing of how technology evolves is incredible. I can’t even believe how I sometimes mistake the Tozo W1 for one of my drink coasters, but when you’re sporting a 5mm thinness, it’s almost difficult to believe it’s a tech gadget that wirelessly charges phones. The miniaturization process is just mind blowing, especially when my first one was obnoxiously thick and sounded like a mini jet engine.

A SPY product tester reviews the Tozo W1 wireless charger. Erin Lawrence |

Besides the fact that it has a sleek aesthetic that contrasts the white surface of my desk, this shiny puck sized wireless charger manages to offer 10W charging. Sure, there are phones that can charge much faster, but I’ve found it suitable as my desk side charger. It’s there if I’m on a long call and need to charge my phone in the meantime, or when I just need to top it off while working on a story.

Unboxing the Tozo W1 wireless charger. Erin Lawrence |

It really makes for a good gift because of its price point. Furthermore, I didn’t think it would’ve served double duty as a handy drink coaster on my desk. Of course, I always unplug it whenever I do use it like a coaster, but it does have its own set of safety features — such as foreign object detection.

And with its 5mm thin frame, it’s sleek enough to tuck inside the low clearance drawer in my desk. You won’t have to spend a fortune on this one. But as someone who appreciates the coolest gadgets around, I can’t tell you enough about the practicality of this simple and affordable wireless charger on my desk. You’ll definitely earn brownie points for this stocking stuffer gift.

Courtesy of Amazon

$13.29 $19.99 34% off

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Looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer? Virtually anyone would be happy to have another wireless charger for their home or office, and with all discounts applied, it will cost you just $13.29. As of December 19, Amazon Prime members can still purchase this product and have it arrive in time for Christmas.