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Review: The $13 TOZO W1 Wireless Charger Is So Ridiculously Thin It Looks Like a Futuristic Coaster

There’s no such thing as having too many chargers in a home, is there? With all the gadgets and devices we have that need juice — smartphones, earbuds, headsets, tablets — it pays to have lots of places to keep them fully charged and ready. I’m guessing most people have at least one drawer or box in their home full of spare USB cables and charging cords that have accumulated and tangled together over the years, which is exactly why we love wireless chargers. As more devices adopt wireless or Qi charging, for some of us, that means upgrading our charging setup to include the best wireless chargers.

Recently, we wrote about the ultra-thin TOZO wireless charger, which is so thin your guests might mistake it for a fancy coaster. Thanks to a recent price drop on Amazon, you can buy this wireless charger for just $13, and the device has proven to be a big hit with SPY readers.

I recently received the TOZO W1 wireless charger to test and review, and I’m excited to share the results with SPY readers.

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Erin Lawrence |

There’s really no setup or installation required with this charging plate; unpack it, plug the cable into the plate, then plug the USB end into a wall or AC adapter. I will actually highlight this: the TOZO W1 doesn’t come with a plug (the company is very explicit about that in their Amazon listing, so no one should be surprised); you’ll either need to find one on your own, or just connect it to another USB device like your laptop.

I’ll make one last note on this subject; for this price, most other manufacturers don’t include the AC adapter. If you do need one, you can simply increase your budget and get a charger that does come with one. The TOZO W1 is compatible with Apple devices too.

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The TOZO W1 is one of the thinnest Qi chargers I’ve ever seen, measuring a scant 5 millimeters thick. Offered in black or white, plus a boatload of other colors, the charger is simply a sleek and shiny flat disk that virtually disappears into your space. I love the fact it looks like a sheet of circular glass, and not (like some other models) cheap plastic and silicone.

TOZO achieves the ultra-thin design by using aviation aluminum for the charging plate instead of plastic. Not only does this result in the thinnest wireless charger we’ve ever tested, but it also looks cool.

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Erin Lawrence |

Wireless chargers were expensive when they were first released and for a lot of people, that put them squarely in the luxury category. Since then though wireless chargers have come down in price substantially. The TOZO W1 is definitely a budget pick, selling for around $13.

Despite its low price, it doesn’t look or feel cheap. The shiny glass-like charging plate is minimalist and unobtrusive.

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Erin Lawrence |

The charger also has built-in bracket-shaped LED status lights, which also act as notifications. The lights turn green when waiting to receive a device, and turn blue/purple when charging initiates. This provides a nice visual confirmation when your device is correctly aligned, and it’s one of the cooler design elements.


Charging Speed

A key consideration for wireless chargers is how fast they can juice up your device, and a lot of wireless chargers make big promises in this regard. Typically, you can achieve the fastest charging results with a wired GaN charger, but priced at just $13, the TOZO W1 is very much a budget option. So how quickly will this charge your smartphone and other devices?

I tested the TOZO W1 on my iPhone to see how much power it could provide in just 60 minutes. Compared to wired chargers, I found that it charged in a reasonable amount of time. In my testing, the TOZO W1 reliably provided about a 50% charge after an hour. That’s not going to win any speed tests, but it’s a solid result, especially for such a cheap charger.


The Verdict: A Perfect Accessory for Your Nightstand or Desk

I’m actually surprised by the looks, styling and price combination of this Qi charging pad, and I definitely mean that in a good way. You get a great-looking product at a great price, making it convenient to have a few of these scattered around the home.

So should you buy it?

Yes! It’s functional and discreet enough for any desk setup.


  • Looks great, Nice design
  • Very thin
  • LED lights are cool & helpful
  • Charges in good time


  • No AC adapter in the package


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Anker makes well-reviewed and popular Qi charging pads that are at a similar price point, although they can’t compete with the 5-millimeter thickness of the TOZO W1.


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Amazon Basics is a popular brand developed by Amazon with the goal of making generic products that deliver on all the same features as big-name brands, but without the price tag.


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Ccourtesy: Amazon

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