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This TP-Link WiFi Extender Can Improve WiFi Signal And It’s 34% Off Today

Weak wifi signals are one of the worst modern woes. The good news is there are also modern solutions, like this TP-Link WiFi Extender, which is currently down 34% to $22.99. If you’ve ever moved from one room to another and suddenly found the best streaming services buffering the video you were watching, and just as it was getting good, then this is the kind of device that’s going to help you out. After all, nobody wants to lose signal in their own homes just because they needed the loo.

Wifi extenders actually do a fair bit more than just boost the range of your router, although that’s undoubtedly one of the biggest draws. This one actually allows for up to 20 connections along with boosting the signal up to 1200 square feet, and it can handle impressive speeds too. It’s also a lot cheaper than the best long-range routers, although that can be a good option if you’re looking to avoid something like a mesh network for whatever reason.

One of our favorite features for the TP-Link WiFi Extender is actually nothing to do with the signal side of things at all. It’s just that the device comes with a plug socket built-in, which means that you never have to worry about losing a vital power outlet in your home because your wifi isn’t up to the task. It’s also really easy to setup, which means it can make for a good gift for family members who might not be as tech-savvy as you are, and also means you won’t have to troubleshoot too often to make sure they stay connected when you’re video calling them.

$26.99 $34.99 23% off

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This wifi extender is incredibly easy to install, which is a huge bonus for those who want better wifi, but don’t really like grappling with the technology that’s meant to do that. It can reach distances of up to 1200 square feet, which should easily cover most homes and gardens, and can manage speeds of up to 750Mbps. Not only that, it can manage up to 20 devices at once too, making it a great pick for family homes, or even student housing. It even has a plug socket built-in so you won’t be using any additional sockets up.