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Grab This TP-Link WiFi Extender While It’s Only $18 And Fix The WiFi Signal At Home

This TP-Link WiFi Extender can help battle against the problems generated by a weak WiFi signal, which is one of the great scourges of the modern age. This extender is currently down from $34.99 all the way to $17.99 thanks to a big discount and a $2 clip coupon that can be added. This adds up to a total of 49% off, and that’s a very good deal indeed.

Aside from being able to do a solid impression of both the best mesh routers and the best long-range routers, this WiFi extender can actually be easier to set up, and is excellent for those that aren’t tech-savvy. It can be plugged into an outlet and then hooked up to a router to allow it to send out signal to up to 1200 square feet, and can handle 20 devices at once as well. It has a data transfer rate of 733 megabits per second too, which is more than fast enough for most people.

The best thing about it though, is just how simple it is to install. Just plug it in and push a couple of buttons and it’s basically good to go. This makes it great as a gift for older relatives, or just as a quick fix for when a long-range router or something similar isn’t necessary, or affordable. It’s also fairly discreet, which is nice for those who don’t want tech gadgets on show all over the place.

$17.99 $34.99 49% off

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This easy-to-use TP-Link WiFi Extender is an incredible way to add a bit more oomph to any home WiFi setup, and with it being nearly 50% off today thanks to a clip coupon, it is an easy buy. It works by simply being plugged into an outlet at home, and then basically supercharges the WiFi signal to up to 1200 square feet, and up to 20 devices at once. It allows for better coverage at home, and can help eliminate WiFi dead spots that cause so much hassle when using the toilet, or going to bed.