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New Technology Will Fight Fake Images Online

* No more photographic fake outs
* Images will be verified and time stamped
* “We’re truly the anti-filter,” says company co-founder

If you’ve ever been burned by an online purchase, beat on an Airbnb rental or faked out by a Tinder match, your digital travails just got easier to navigate. Tech Crunch reports the startup, Truepic, has unveiled new photo verification technology.

“We are way past the tipping point in terms of how easily things are faked online and the loss of authenticity and reality in favor of perfection” says Craig Stack, co-founder and COO of Truepic. “Businesses need a solution to combat the rampant falsification of images online, and consumers want to share authentic photos that others will believe are the real thing,” Stack explains. “That’s Truepic – we’re truly the anti-filter.”

Lazy loaded image

The technology works by snapping a photo in Truepic’s app, or in another app that has embedded the technology. Truepic confirms the photo hasn’t been altered or edited. It also adds a time stamp, geo-code and other metadata. Truepic then stores the photo. Users are given a six digit code and URL for retrieving the image.

Once images are watermarked, users can send the verified photos wherever they want, and viewers can visit the imprinted URL to check the verification. Once app clients begin implementing the technology, you’ll be able to toss back catfish on dating apps, avoid trainwreck rentals on Airbnb and dodge fraudulent purchases on secondary market sites like eBay. More importantly, Lil Bow Wow won’t be Tweeting about his “private jet” anymore.