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Get That TV On The Wall With This Universal Tilt Mount For Only $25

The Mounting Dream TV Mount is down 49% from 49.99, making it only $25.48 today. That means today is a very good day to finally get that TV off of a stand and onto a wall, because it not only saves a bit of space, but can be an excellent way to change up a living room, and also make the viewing angle of that incredible TV a little bit better.

This mount can fit a staggering array of TVs as long as they’re between 37 and 70 inches, and no heavier than 132 pounds, which isn’t unreasonable. It also has a tilt function, that makes it easy to adjust the TV set to not only get the best viewing angle, but also to avoid any potential screen glare when the sun is shining through the windows. It’s also surprisingly easy to install, which is good news for those who normally steer clear of DIY.

The fact that it can fit such a wide range of TVs also means that it can be used to mount some of the best TVs or best gaming TVs, and will help any home theater set-up feel a lot more complete, and a lot more professional too. Just make sure there’s some sort of cable management in play, or the mounted TV is going to look a lot more like Cthulu than anyone will be comfortable with.

$25.48 $49.99 49% off

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This TV mount is built to fit the majority of TVs between 37 and 70 inches, has a tilt that’s great for finding the perfect angle, and can carry up to 132 pounds. The tilt is also good for avoiding screen glare as the sun moves through the sky and into the room, and the mount itself is fairly easy to install, which is always good news for those who aren’t keen on DIY.