Got a Screen Protector For Your Phone? Consider One For Your TV, Too

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You’ve probably bought screen protectors and cases for your phone. You might also have a case or sleeve for your laptop. But you might not have thought to invest in a protector for your flat-screen TV. Since TVs don’t get handled as much, you might not think you need one. But since TVs have gotten lighter and thinner, they’re more prone to getting knocked over. And if you have a flat-screen mounted in a backyard or outdoor patio, protecting it from the elements is a must.

Even if you just have a TV inside, a screen protector can prevent physical damage like scratches, but it can also protect the screen from sun damage, which may occur if your TV sits opposite a window. In fact, they can even protect your eyes from blue light.

Another incredibly simple but compelling reason to protect your TV is this: TVs are expensive. Protectors, on the other hand, are highly affordable. Whether you have an indoor TV or an outdoor one, these protectors will help ensure your flat-screen TV lasts as long as it should. Consider it the most affordable insurance you’ll ever buy.

1. Vizomax Computer Monitor/TV Screen Protector Filter

This thin acrylic screen is designed to block harmful blue light from your eyes, as well as protect the TV screen from UV light. It’s made from a durable material that will protect the screen from any bumps or scratches that might occur from children (or clumsy adults). It’s also designed to attach and come off easily without leaving any marks on the TV.

Pros: Available in screen sizes between 20 and 80 inches. Good for protecting indoor flat-screen TVs from young children.

Cons: Not especially effective at reducing glare.

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2. Clicks Outdoor TV Cover

If you have an outdoor TV, it’s crucial to protect it from sun exposure and rain. This cover has multiple slots on the back, so it works for double wall mounts and single wall mounts. The front has a removable cover, so you can watch TV without having to entirely remove the cover. The bottom is completely covered as well.

Pros: Works for TVs with single or double wall brackets, TV can be used without having to completely remove the cover.

Cons: Some found that the sizing ran large.

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3. Garnetics Outdoor TV Cover

This outdoor TV cover can support most common mounting brackets. While it doesn’t have a removable front, the entire cover can be easily slipped off to watch TV. The bottom and sides are fully covered for maximum weather protection, and there’s a covered pocket on the back for a remote control.

Pros: Compatible with most types of wall mounts, has a protective flap on the back to cover the opening where the mount is.

Cons: Entire cover must be removed to use the TV.

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