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Get This Clip and Never Be Caught With a Dead Phone Again

* Handy carabiner clip with built-in lightning to USB charging cable
* Compatible with recent iPhone and iPad models
* Reinforced steel design for a secure hold

Ever found yourself in a low battery situation without a charging cable? Whether you’re a frequent visitor to the land of dead electronics or only occasionally run out of battery, having this NomadClip means you’ll never be without a charger again. The handy carabiner hides an Apple charging cable, while double as a keychain.

The NomadClip features a black finish with a silver locking arm. This sleek carabiner is ideal for clipping to your everyday items such as belt buckles, backpacks, water bottles or other keychains.

The real trick with the NomadClip is that hidden within the two ends is an Apple-certified charging and data transfer cable. This convenient cable works just like your normal charger and can be used as your main charger or as a handy backup for tricky situations.

Compatible with the most recent Apple models, the 2.4 amp cable provides quick charging and is ideal for when you need to transfer data from your phone to your computer or visa versa.

The tough plastic facade is also reinforced with steel to make the NomadClip strong enough to keep your attached belongings safe, although it is not designed to be used as a load bearing clip (I.e. not for climbing!)

For other phone and tablet owners, a second NomadClip model comes with a Micro USB cable.

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