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Never Fight for An Outlet Again With a Charging Station for Multiple Devices

Most of us have accumulated a number of gadgets that help us get through the day. Our phones have essentially become an extra appendage attached to us at all times, fitness trackers measure our steps and health, and our wireless earbuds are a constant traveling companion.

The thing about all of these devices is that they have limited battery lives and need to be recharged pretty often. Sure, you could have a tangle of cords next to your bed that you sift through every night to match each device with its source of power. Or you could get a multi-device charging station and streamline your nightstand like never before.

These devices plug into one outlet and allow you to connect multiple USB chargers to the side, simultaneously charging all of your devices at once. Many of them charge even faster than your regular charger would and maximize your outlet use. Simplify your life and your charging routine with one of the best charging stations for multiple devices.

1. RAVPower 6-Port USB Charger

This multi-port USB charger from RAVPower provides a reliable charge for multiple devices at once. It’s got six different 2.4A charging ports that can handle six devices at once including tablets, smartphones and earbuds. It’s got a 60W power supply and 12A output for charging devices at full speed even when fully loaded. RAVPower ensures safe charging without overheating and is safe to use around the world with adjustable 100V-240V charging available.

Pros: Compact design, powerful charging, safe, ability to charge around the world.

Cons: Charges slower the longer it’s plugged into the wall.

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2. BESTEK 8-Outlet Surge Protector

Charge all your devices at once safely with this 8-outlet surge protector from BESTEK. It’s a great office or dorm room accessory for the gadget-heavy individual looking for a safe way to continuously charge multiple devices. It’s got eight outlets for plugging into as well as six smart USB charging ports. It also comes with LED lights indicating whether the power is on or off and two energy-saving switches. Finally, this charging station features short circuit protection that guards against overheating and protects your devices from unpredictable power surges.

Pros: Durable, space-saving design with multiple outlets and USB charging stations. LED power indicator lights. Doubles as a surge protector.

Cons: Optional wireless charger on top is glitchy.

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3. Pezin & Hulin Bamboo Charging Station

Pezin & Hulin’s charging station for multiple devices has a sleek bamboo tech organizer and is equipped to handle and charge six devices as well as a smartwatch and earbuds. It’s got three charging cables for Apple devices and two charging cables for micro USB devices. The design materials are bamboo and 100% eco-friendly and large enough to handle many devices at once including larger iPad screens. If you’ve got a large tech family or need a charging station for an office or conference room, this is a great option.

Pros: Large charging station with multiple devices, sleek bamboo design, fast charging.

Cons: Included cables are a little short.

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