Sometimes, Simplicity is Key: The Vector Luna Smartwatch

Vector Luna Smartwatch
Image courtesy Amazon

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* Stylish smartwatch with customizable watch face
* Impressive battery life providing up to 30 days of use from single charge
* Read incoming messages and notifications directly on your wrist

If you want a smartwatch, but find current designs just a little too “tech-y,” the Luna Smartwatch may be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Keeping the classic watch design, but combining it with the functionality of a modern smartwatch, the result is a fashionable piece capable of offering more than you thought possible.

A great way to enjoy modern tech incognito, this watch forgoes fiddly touchscreen displays and complicated menus to provide a simple monochrome display which delivers a range of glance-able notifications.

The round watch face is also fully customizable. Simply choose what you want to see. You get to decide whether it displays social media updates, current weather information or any one of the available smart apps, like Uber or Nest.

Within the sleek-looking timepiece, you will find an activity tracker capable of displaying a variety of reports from calorie counts to distance covered and sleep patterns.

The Luna Smartwatch also boasts an impressive battery life. You could enjoy up to 30 days of use from a single charge.

While looking stylish and fashionable, the Luna Watch also possesses a rugged side. Built from solid stainless steel and mineral glass, this tough watch is water resistant up to 5ATM (about 50m) of pressure.

Delivering a fashion-centric watch with the ability to manage incoming calls, view your received texts and deliver notifications at a glance, the Luna Smartwatch is the best of both worlds — an accessory that performs as well as it looks.

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