Switch To Verizon Fios Gigabit Internet & Get a Bonus Samsung Chromebook at No Extra Cost

Verizon Fios Chromebook Deal
Courtesy of Verizon
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If you’ve never had the chance to experience Verizon Fios, we’re going to spoil it for you: It’s the best home internet around. What makes it so great is not just that it’s fast, but that it’s affordable and extremely reliable.

And right now, Verizon has an offer that seems too good to be true: Sign up for Verizon Fios Gigabit internet plan and you will receive a new Chromebook as a thank you. Yes, you read that correctly… they will give you a laptop just because.

The details are simple: Customers who sign up for Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection high-speed internet plans in July will also receive a Samsung Chromebook 4 at no extra cost. These Chromebooks normally cost $230, so this is not an insignificant deal. (Sign up for one of the lower speed plans, which start at $39.99/month, and you’ll receive an Echo Dot smart speaker instead of a Chromebook.)

Chromebooks are mini-laptops with an OS powered by Google’s Chrome browser, and they’re great for your average day-to-day computing tasks. That includes browsing the web, listening to music and streaming video. Plus, when you’re connected to an internet service that’s as robust as Verizon Fios, the home entertainment experience only gets better. Finally, if you have a work computer that you use for professional tasks during the day, it’s great to have a personal computing device that you can use for everything else. (We call it the party laptop.)

Now, Verizon Fios wants to give you that bonus laptop — at no extra cost.


Why Switch To Verizon Fios Gigabit Internet?

We’re big fans of Fios here at Spy because we depend on internet that’s both fast and reliable.

In a recent study by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, of the 11 internet service providers evaluated, Fios had the highest score. On top of that, several Spy editors switched to Fios Gigabit internet plans when we started working from home in 2020, and we’ve had great experiences across the board. Fios is a 100% fiber optic internet network, and it’s ideal for work, gaming and streaming.

With Fios, thanks to its cutting-edge fiber-optic wires, you can get up to gigabit download speeds and upload speeds as fast as 880 mbps without having to worry about things like network congestion slowing down your experience. And you don’t have to worry about shady tricks such as hidden fees or lengthy contract agreements with Verizon Fios. All the costs are upfront, and you’re free to cancel your service whenever you want.

But this deal won’t last forever, and if you want to take advantage of this impressive offer, we’d recommend heading over to the Verizon Fios website and signing up ASAP.

Verizon Fios Free Chromebook Offer Courtesy of Verizon

What Makes Verizon Fios Better Than The Competition?

Transfer Large Files at Lightning Speed: For many of you who work from home, it’s not uncommon to be moving large files back and forth between you, your collaborators or the cloud (especially if you’re a content creator, creative professional or programmer). And while cable internet may offer fast download speeds, don’t expect the same blazing upload speeds that Verizon Fios can offer (in some cases, 30 times faster). Having that much of a speed boost could save you some serious time, and you know what they say: Time is money.

Play Online Games With Minimal Lag: Another huge benefit of Verizon Fios is lower ping times compared to cable internet. For gamers, this is crucial because it means less lag during a round of Apex Legends or while streaming Doom Eternal from a cloud gaming service such as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. And in games like these where being a few milliseconds quicker than the competition is the difference between victory and defeat, Verizon Fios could be the tool that puts you over the edge.

Customer Support That Actually Helps: If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably had times where your cable internet went out and you had to call up the customer support line. And we all know that it’s a special kind of torture to wait on hold for 45 minutes only to talk to someone who doesn’t actually help much at all. And while our experience with Verizon Fios hasn’t required us to spend a ton of time dealing with customer support, we can at least say that it’s better than what you’ve likely experienced with other ISPs.

Stream TV Without Limits: In addition to internet service, Verizon also offers a TV package that is delivered over the same fiber-optic lines in 4K. Additionally, you can stream all your favorite shows on a laptop, tablet or phone using the Verizon Fios app, giving you incredible flexibility as to when, where and how you binge the next great TV show that comes along.

As mentioned before, all you have to do to get a bonus Chromebook is sign up for Verizon Fios’ gigabit internet plan which is $89.99 a month. (Specifically, new Fios Gigabit customers will receive a Samsung Chromebook 4 at no extra cost when they sign up this month.) But if you wait too long, it might vanish. So be sure to hop on this deal while you can.