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Vine Users May Have Had Their Info Exposed

* Email addresses and phone numbers may have been exposed up to one day
* The bug allegedly affected the Vine website
* Users should be on the lookout for any suspicious texts or emails

Even though Vine officially shut down earlier this year, users may be at risk of having their private info exposed. A Twitter report issued quietly earlier this week stated how users’ email addresses and phone numbers may have been exposed up to one day. Fortunately, no passwords or other data is thought to be involved, though there is still a risk.

Instead of targeting Twitter directly, the bug allegedly focused on the Vine Archive, the website where every uploaded video has been stored since Vine’s inception back in 2013.

Twitter actually ended Vine’s content abilities earlier this year. Instead of letting users traditionally upload content directly to the app, they replaced it with a Vine camera app that allows users to directly post videos to their Twitter feeds. 

If you’re a Vine user, be on the lookout for any suspicious emails in the near future. In a statement earlier this week, Vine reminded users to be on alert:

As a security best practice, we recommend that you be cautious if you receive emails or text messages from unknown senders. Please keep in mind that Vine will only send you communications from, and we will never send emails with attachments or request your password by email.”

Users should expect to receive an official announcement about the bug if they haven’t already.