Record Audio and Conversations Discreetly With This Modern Wristband

Voice Recorder Wristband Review: Portable and

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* Small and discreet wristband voice recorder
* High-quality recording with noise reduction function
* 30-day money back guarantee

Ever dream about conducting business like James Bond or, more currently, Jack Bauer? This Spy Voice Recorder Wristband by Spy Gadget might just make you feel like you belong in some kind of covert operation. You can record anytime and anywhere you want in an instant, whether you’re going undercover, or — to a lesser extreme — just need to record a class lecture or presentation at work.

This digital voice recorder has all the bells and whistles of a real agency device. First and foremost, this voice recorder is encased in a modern looking wristband that no one will question. The wristband itself has been modified to fit a powerful digital recording mechanism that has been integrated into the wristband and would not be detected.

While the fun part of this device would be to conduct your own covert audio surveillance to secretly record live conversations and the like, this device can actually have some useful everyday-life uses. For example, this would come in handy during a job interview to help you review and reflect on how you might improve in the future. Other helpful scenarios would be to record a work meeting, which would help capture important points faster than taking notes. This would also be great in a classroom to ensure you capture the lecture and/or help someone out who could not make the class. You can also use this as a Dictaphone to record any lists or fast notes you might need to remember during your day.

Other great features include a long recording time (up to 48 hours) with 8GB of memory, no red or flashing lights to indicate this is a recording device and a time stamp for all recordings. Built-in software lets you synchronize between the recorder and your computer, for easy organizing. The best part: the device comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can feel secure about your purchase.

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