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This Smart Alarm Clock Can Turn On Your Lights, Tell You The Weather and Even Call An Uber To Get You To Work

* Automate your morning tasks with a smarter alarm clock
* Customizable and programmable to your needs
* Integrates with variety of smart home devices

It’s time to start the day with a better wake up call. The first thing you need: the WITTI BEDDI Smart Radio Alarm Clock Speaker. It’s the first truly intelligent alarm clock that automates your morning tasks rather than a boisterous alarm that replays in your head all day long.

The sound begins with a soothing white noise to help you sleep at night while your phone, tablet, and wearable device charge. Then in the morning, it turns on a wake up light that simulates the natural light at sunrise to help you wake up naturally. And that’s only the beginning.

The Smart Radio Alarm Clock can easily set up to four different alarms for specific days of the week. But, don’t think of the WITTI BEDDI as just an alarm clock (and don’t be distracted by the name). This is your ultimate bedside concierge. It can serve up weather and traffic reports to your smartphone screen. And, because it connects to other smart devices, it can even adjust your room temperature and get your coffee brewing. It’s there to help your day start on the right note in every way imaginable.

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The device is also very easy to setup, and once it’s configured, it does just about everything for you. It integrates with Spotify to play your favorite music, including playlists, through two Bluetooth speakers. You can also stream music from your phone via other online music players such as Apple Music or Google Music. When the mood strikes, BEDDI’s mood light reacts to your music to enhance relaxation or a romantic atmosphere.

BEDDI’s customizable smart buttons allow you to toggle your Philips Hue light, trigger your Homekit Scene, adjust your room temperature via Nest or even call an Uber. And unlike the bulky alarm clocks of the past,  you can’t beat this clock’s unassuming, streamlined design.

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