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Keep Electricity Flowing Despite The Elements With This Weatherproof Surge Protector

Holiday decorating season is upon us, and whether you’ve already gone all-out for Halloween decor or are gearing up to win the neighborhood Christmas lights contest — you’re going to need electricity. The glow of Christmas lights is one of the best parts of the season, that is if they’ve got the power they need to actually glow, even during rain, snow and other weather surprises. This time of year is infamous for bringing extreme weather to many parts of the U.S, and we want to make sure you’re prepared so your holiday cheer stays shining bright. One surefire way to accomplish this? Get a weatherproof surge protector.

ESHLDTY Outdoor Power Strip

weatherproof surge protector


Typically, weather and electricity don’t mix. In a large storm you typically experience a power outage or worse, but with this weatherproof surge protector you’ll be covered. This outdoor power strip is made to prevent short-circuiting, electric shock or other potential hazards that can result from a water splash and a plug meeting.

It has a safety door system built in that prevents electric shock in children through the metal not being energized all the time. The power strip also protects against an overload of electricity due to spikes and fluctuations in power. It has circuitry built in that detects these discrepancies and adjusts based on your device’s needs.

It also has an on/off switch which makes it easy to start all your Christmas or holiday lights at once, and is made with a fire-resistant PC shell and copper wire designed for heat dissipation.