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Leave Home Worry Free With This Smart WiFi Outlet

* WiFi-controlled outlet plug
* Mini form factor allows you to stack two on one wall outlet
* Compatible with Nest and Alexa for hands-free access

If there is one thing that causes everyone to worry, it has to be leaving appliances on after they have left for work, or even worse, for vacation. There are so many different thoughts going through a person’s head when they get ready to leave on a trip. That mental checklist can be crazy as you check it and double check it. What’s even worse is the stress that creeps up as we begin to second guess ourselves as we’re on our way to the airport or commuter train.

The WeMo Smart Plug helps alleviate some of that worry by providing you with an easy way to make sure the toaster oven, lights and coffee machine are all turned off. This WiFi-controlled switch plugs into your existing wall outlet. Its mini form factor allows you to stack two outlets on top of each other for added coverage.

Now all you need to do is open up the smartphone or tablet app and you can control your outlets even when you are away from the house. This way you never have to wonder if you indeed turned off the coffee pot. Just open up the app and turn off the outlet right from the convenience of your phone.

You can also connect your lamps to the smart plug. Returning home later than usual? No worries. Just open up the app and turn on the lights well in advance of your arrival home. Or, turn them off remotely, if you’ve dashed out of the house without doing so.

With another setting on the WeMo Smart Plug you can also randomly set the outlets to turn on and off. This way you can connect them to various lights throughout your home and randomly have the lights turn on throughout the day and night. This way it will look like you have been home the whole time.

The WeMo Smart Plug is a great way to have some peace and security while you’re out and about.

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